Hi there I'm Kyouko!

i'm a graphic / front-end web designer from the Netherlands!

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About me

Ever since I was little I had an great intrest in computers.
I discovered web development when I was 12 and knew this is what I wanted to do My projects deffer from client to client.
I once made 2 webapps for the biggest anime convention in the Netherlands and they are still getting used.
Another project I worked on is a website for my brother in law who is a personal trainer.
I also like to design stuff from creating memes and designs in photoshop to play around with blender.
Feel free to check out my site and for questions just scroll down to the contact page

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Graphic Design




If you have questions, or just wanna have a chat with me feel free to contact me!

Kyouko Buijing

+316 - 139 115 49


Hoefslag 78
6681TL Bemmel
The Netherlands

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